Every time something sweet happens on “Basketball Wives,” you can be sure there’ll be something else that comes along to negate it. This week’s episode begins with Tami and her mom mending fences and years of hurt feelings. Her mom discloses to her that she was also molested when she was young, and has been going to therapy to cope. The ladies hug, say they love each other and their healing begins. Great start to this episode, but the warm and fuzzies didn’t last long.

Tami Recaps Shaunie – Shaunie meets up with Tami for an update on the antics of the gals. As Tami eats sunflowers seeds, she tells her about Kenya’s janky music video, saying “Kenya is torn between thinking that she’s Beyonce mixed with Janet Jackson and she doesn’t realize she’s a little bit of Reebie and Freddie Jackson.” I may or may not have cackled loudly.

Evelyn and Nia’s Joint Beef – Evelyn is not the only person who has Jen on their “wanna fight” list. Her assistant, Nia, used to be such good friends with her that she actually gave Jen a key to her apartment. Now they no longer speak and she can’t understand why.

No More Dulce – Evelyn says she’s closing her shoe store “Dulce” because her life has changed since she opened it three years ago. Plus, her store’s like a scene from an old Western: straight tumbleweeds. It’s a recession and folks don’t want to buy $1,000 shoes.

Advance Screening Shameless Plug –‘Think Like A Man’ star Terrence J invited Jennifer and her girls to a private screening of the popular Steve Harvey self-help book adaptation. It wasn’t the most subtle plug of the film but hey, the ladies need more to talk about than just each other. They thought the film was cute (not like they could hate it or anything).

Al Enables Scrapping – Jen meets up with her good friend Al Reynolds and they talk about the Evelyn situation. Al says “I think a healthy scrap never hurt nobody. Sometimes you just gotta beat it out.” NO SIR! He must not wish Jen well because she’s been on the brink of getting beat down multiple times.

Royce’s Romantic Dinner – Our favorite serial monogamist, Royce, is now with Dezmon Briscoe, a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. Dez takes her on a romantic date, with candles, flower petals on the floor and his Sunday best sweater vest. He tells her that he could see her being his wife, and he’s working on getting her a ring. She then surprises him by walking out in some red lingerie, and enthusiastically telling us “That boy can eat. Everything. Well.” Oh. Well then.

Off to the Races –  Jen, Kesha and Suzie show up at the horseraces and are met by Shaunie, Evelyn, Tami and Nia. The moment the ladies were all seated, Ev and Nia were shooting daggers with their eyes at Jen. When Nia starts talking, yells at Jen for the rift in their friendship. In no time, she hopped up, walked around the table and slapped Jen in the back of the head. Jen gets up and they do an aggressive version of the Oprah handshake in their version of a fight. Jen starts talking about how Nia lives in a two-bedroom apartment in Harlem and this aggravates Ev enough to get on the table and jump into the melee. Oh geez!

I feel like the soundtrack to this season’s “Basketball Wives” needs to be “Knuck If you Buck.” There might have been one episode out of the seven or eight episodes they’ve shown so far where someone didn’t have to get held back from fisticuffs.

The fight will be continued next week.

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