Kelly Rowland is following up her club-ready release, “Kelly,” with a new single crafted to encourage women with different hair types to embrace their “Crown.”

Released in partnership with Dove, Rowland shares screen time with young women who have all been bullied or discriminated against because of their hair, including Tyrelle Davis, who was expelled from school for having braided hair extensions.  

Kelly Rowland 'Crown'

The song also holds special meaning for Rowland. The Destiny’s Child singer shared a lengthy note written to her younger self on Instagram, revealing that she often had trouble finding representations of Black beauty as a child. She now encourages herself to walk confidently through life while embracing her own “crown.”

“Just know, no one wears your CROWN like you Baby Girl,” Rowland wrote, “And you don’t have to look like ANYONE ELSE! You are Kelly Rowland and special in your own right, Contrary to anyone else’s standards! Love Yourself, Respect Yourself, and hold your head high for all to see! I love you & your glorious ‘Crown.’ YOU SO FLYYYY!”

Check out Rowland's latest single, "Crown," below.