Libra [September 22nd to October 21st]

#MeTime: January doesn’t come in with a cold snap, per se, but it’s not likely to find you as peppy and perky as last month. There’s no serious downward turn here, so don’t worry. There’s just been a shift of energy: you may have to muster up a little more effort to make things happen. But you still can make a lot happen.

#Heartstrings: You might do well to take some initiative and inspire other people to do something fun that you’ve wanted to do. It doesn’t mean you have to “ask someone out,” but the outing could lead to more romantic ventures down the line, if you’re single. In fact, you might meet someone else while out.

#MoneyMoves:  Not a lot of folks talk about your persistence game, but you definitely have one of the best ones in the Zodiac. A Libra friend of mine just got a $600 phone for 99¢ because a customer service rep misquoted the offer. But that was last month. This month, you must be persistent…and patient.

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