Ever wonder how the unsightly presence of razor bumps and botched shapeups are kept at bay on a well-manicured face? The answer just may lie in the Gillette ProGlide Styler.

Procter & Gamble pared away all the pomp of grooming to reveal a simpler solution for bearded guys who care more about their facial trim than schlepping in mounds of shaving cream. Men like André 3000, Adrien Brody, and Gael García Bernal who artfully master the rigamarole of visual upkeep while donning their bravado on the silver screens.


The trio will serve as ‘Masters of Style’ for the personal styling tool and were picked because of their imprint in pop culture.

“I feel that personal style should always reflect who you are and be constantly evolving,” said André 3000 Benjamin. “Being part of Gillette’s ‘Masters of Style’ program was a natural choice for me because I enjoy the freedom of changing my appearance to suit my mood.”

The Gillette ProGlider works on wet and dry skin with its advanced razor blades designed for closer cuts and precision edging blades for sculpting the hedges on your lip rim and chin. So whether buzz cut, lumberjack long, or beatnik thin is your thing, tidy up your morning sacraments with the Gillette ProGlide Styler. —Nicole Miles