Michael Jackson memorabilia has been removed from the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis following the release of HBO’s Leaving Neverland documentary,  which examined sexual abuse allegations against the King of Pop.

According to CNN, the world’s largest children’s museum pulled Jackson’s fedora, his iconic white gloves and a signed poster from its American Pop and The Power of Children exhibits, respectively.

“We are sensitive to our audience,” museum spokeswoman Leslie Olsen said in a statement.

“In an excess of caution, and in response to the controversy over the HBO film called ‘Leaving Neverland,’ which directly involved allegations of abuse against children, we removed those objects while we carefully consider the situation fully,” she said.

Photos of the late singer will remain on display as apart of the re-creation of the bedroom of Ryan White of Kokomo, Indiana, a boy who became famous after contracting HIV through a blood treatment in the 1980s.

Jackson befriended the boy, who died in 1990, and his family. “Ryan’s family found Michael Jackson’s kindness to them to be an important part of Ryan’s story,” Olsen said. “The pictures of Michael displayed in that exhibit will always be an integral part of the Ryan White story.”

Since Leaving Neverland aired on March 3, several companies have distanced themselves from the pop icon’s imagery. Louis Vuitton removed MJ-inspired items from its upcoming fall 2019 menswear collection, and several radios stations in Canada and New Zealand have stopped playing his music.

Jackson’s family members have blasted the film. Until his death in 2009, the renowned performer vehemently denied any molestation allegations.