A Pennsylvania mom is facing a felony charge after giving her sons multiple guns and ammunition in what she claims was an attempt to “let him grow up.”

WPXI-TV reports a 14-year-old Uniontown High School student was accused of threatening his school in January — and his mother may have given him the weapons he’d use to follow up on the threats. Lenora Hendrix turned herself into police on Tuesday after a warrant for her arrest was issued.


Hendrix told police she gave her son the weapons to teach him responsibility and “let him grow up.”

When a student at Uniontown High School reported Hendrix’s sons threats, police found five guns, ammo and knives in his bedroom.

“It very well could’ve been a disaster if it wasn’t for a classmate or another student who had the sense enough to talk to her parents about what she heard … they’re the heroes – it’s not us,” Trooper Robert Broadwater told WPXI.

Hendrix is being charged with possession of a firearm by a minor. She was released from jail on a $20,000 bond and will face a preliminary hearing March 9.

“Lenora is a good person, good mother, she has no record, not even a traffic ticket,” her attorney Shane Gannon told the news station. “This is all foreign to her. You know, she’s concerned for her son, concerned for herself but foremost her son.”