Felicia Leatherwood has been on the move, traveling around the world empowering women at hair meet-ups, national conferences, and demonstrating hair care techniques for stylists. You can also find her lending expertise advice for Natura Magazine under the #FeliciaFriday tag or the We Are Onyx monthly subscription box. I was able to chat with this busy woman after discovering the Detangle Brush on her website. Being a natural myself with type 4 hair, I know firsthand how tedious detangling hair can become, but I feel like it shouldn’t always be that way. It’s time to learn a new method to contain the post-cleansing hair madness together and what better way to receive helpful tips then to ask the expert herself!

As a cosmetologist, Leatherwood admits to wanting to find the best products there are for natural hair and endorses the Detangle Brush for that reason. Here is her detangling process, which should save you tears and tears!

1) Apply shampoo to your scalp: When cleansing natural hair, Leatherwood recommends applying the shampoo directly to the scalp first. This step can be extremely helpful for naturals with thick hair because it removes dirt and product build that’s over looked when applying the shampoo to the hair strands and shaft alone.

2) Work shampoo onto the ends of hair: After massaging the scalp with shampoo, work the lather or product on to the hair.

3) After scalp is cleansed, apply conditioner: Using a conditioner makes detangling hair easier.

4) Section hair: Split hair into four sections (you can use hair clips to pin sections in place) and then split hair into 6 sections. Twist each of the sections into chunky two strand twists.

5) Detangle each section individually: Untwist a section of hair, use The Detangle Brush to remove any knots and tangles, twist the section back once detangled, and repeat for each section. When using the brush, always begin detangling the hair from the ends first and work your way towards the roots to minimize breakage.

6)Rinse and style: Rinse you hair with cool water while the chunky two strand twist still in your hair to keep hair tangle free; style as usual.


After trying Felicia’s tips in conjunction with the Detangle Brush, styling my hair was a breeze and it was great to have my hair knot free! Keep these simple tips in mind the next time you shampoo your hair.

If you used these techniques or the Detangle Brush before tell us how it worked out for you with a comment below!