Kelis, “Rumble” [VIDEO]

Kelis’s new “Rumble” video features Christian Lamb-directed visuals that are just as peculiar as she is. We find the wacky singer sitting on a throne in the middle of the lake, as she sings about a lost love (we’re thinking Nas, but you never know) while two men go fishing and another appears, playing the trumpet. Kelis, of course, pretends that she sees none of this and sings her heart out with her even raspier signature voice. I’m not sure what the point of the video is, but that may actually be the point. Kelis is eccentric, and the director gets her, just roll with it. “Rumble” is from Kelis’s upcoming album Food, scheduled for release on April 22. It’s available for pre-order on Ninja Tune.



Jay Electronica and Jay Z, “We Made It”

Let’s not get too excited, because there’s no telling when Jay Electronica is actually going to release a new LP, EP, or whatever. Enjoy the singles as they come. Here, Jay and Jay team up for a triumphant ode to winning. It’s not just about bragging on material possessions, it’s about starting from the bottom and working until you reach that breakthrough to victory. Jay Electronica makes references to his unbreakable spirit coming from his slave ancestors, while Jigga makes a lyrical reference Lupita Nyong’o—the new poster child for overcoming the odds.

Coline Creuzot, “You Tried It”

Coline Creuzot is another artist at the forefront of what seems to be a crop of new crooners tapping into ’90s R&B audio sensibilities. The singer/songwriter from Houston—who’s opened for various acts like Drake, Keyshia Cole and T-Pain—scored a publishing deal with EMI (now Sony ATV), and now she’s gearing up to release an EP entitled Creuz Control this spring.

“You Tried It,” her newest single from that project, is a good sign of what’s to come. The synth-drive mid-tempo song is the perfect sassy underscore to Creuzot’s sassy soprano condemning a sometimey lover. “I gave you my love and all of my affection/You could have done a favor, save me a lesson/’Cause if I woulda known how easy you move on/I wouldn’t even waste my time.” No sob story here; Creuzot is over it and ready to bounce. Take that for a dose of empowerment!

Stacy Barthe, “War IV Love”

Stacy Barth is back with new tunes, a year after the Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter released her EP, P.S. I Love You. “War IV Love” continues her tradition of soulfully ethereal melodies. This song features tribal drums as Barthe sings her passion and devotion for that special someone.

Christon Gray, School of Roses

Christon Gray is part of a new crop of R&B/soul singers trying to get that old thang back—you know, back to the days when sanging was an actual thing. The Ohio native burst on the scene in 2006, rapping, singing and producing with a group called the Elevationists. The group was in popular demand throughout the Midwest, and they released their debut LP, The Necessary, in 2007.

Gray eventually went solo, which brings us to the release of his second solo album, but his debut project on Collision Records, entitled School of Roses. The multitalented singer fuses gospel, pop, soul and blues. This one is ideal for R&B lovers who prefer their music without Auto-Tune.

Available at iTunes.

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