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Attorney Aaron Schlossberg in Viral Video has History of Verbally Harassing People

Aaron Schlossberg

More videos and stories have come out about New York City attorney Aaron Schlossberg, who was caught on camera berating employees at a coffee shop for speaking Spanish.

Activist Shaun King posted a video on Instagram on Thursday of Schlossberg in October 2016 verbally assaulting a man he accused of not being a citizen of the U.S., calling him “an ugly f*cking foreigner.”

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Now we are starting to really understand who Manhattan Attorney Aaron Schlossberg truly is. He's an open bigot. This video was filmed and posted on YouTube on October 18th, 2016 by my friend Willie More – a well known and beloved dude. It's wild. Willie was literally walking down the street when Aaron Schlossberg deliberately rams into him, shoves him, then begins a racist rant – asking Willie what country he was born in then calling him "an ugly fucking foreigner." Here's what's wild – Willie is a white man born and raised in Massachusetts. Aaron just perceived, perhaps because Willie had his hair back in a pony tail or something, that Willie was not an American citizen and deserved a bigoted attack. People all over New York are telling me about encounters with this man.

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His law firm, The Law Office of Aaron M Schlossberg, has been inundated with negative Yelp reviews after the video went viral.

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King said numerous people have reached out to him about Schlossberg’s behavior of harassment.


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