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Report: Democratic National Committee Boosts Women and People of Color in its Ranks

Democratic National Committee, DNC

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) announced in a report on Monday that almost half of its staff consists of people of color and 51 percent are women, NBC News reports.

Following the 2016 Presidential election, the DNC saw an increase in Latino staffers (5 to 22,) African-Americans (22 to 30,) and Asian-American/Pacific Islanders and LGBTQ people (from 14 to 19), per the report.

“Our mission is not complete, but we’ve made unprecedented progress,” wrote DNC Chief Operating Officer Laura Chambers. “We simply cannot be effective advocates for the communities we represent if we do not accurately reflect them at every single level — from staff, to party officers, to elected officials.”

The changes are seen as an effort by the DNC to combat criticism that they don’t hire people of color to join the organization while counting them as voters.

African-American women were critical in December’s Alabama special election that saw Doug Jones defeat Roy Moore, who faced numerous sexual assault scandals.

Forty-four percent of staffers now consists of people of color and 70 percent of people who are running the departments within the organization are women, according to NBC News.


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