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Police Investigating Moms Who Took Children to Vandalize a Mosque

The local police department of Tempe, Arizona is investigating charges against two women who brought three children to vandalize a mosque in the area.

HuffPost reports, that police have identified the women in the video recordings that were posted to Facebook on March 4 as Elizabeth Dauenhauer and Tahnee Gonzales. The women who are Trump supporters brought the three unidentified children to The Islamic Community Center mosque to “expose” them to “the Arabic Muslim coming in and destroying America.” The purpose of their excursion was to teach the kids how to be “American patriots.”

The original videos have since been removed from Facebook, but within it, you hear the women spread hate speech and Islamophobic rhetoric. The children are even heard repeating or making remarks about Muslims “buying their chicken to rape it” and how Muslims “smell like goat.” Throughout the videos, the children are encouraged to take items from the mosque and mock Islam.

Wednesday morning it was reported that the women are members of the Patriot Movement AZ, a “fringe group being energized and influenced by the president’s over-the-top rhetoric on immigrants and Muslims.”

“It was really disheartening to see how ignorant some people can be,” Ahmad Al-Akoum, the imam at the mosque, told the AZ Central. “The thing that affected me most was those young children being drafted by their mom and being taught hate and intolerance. It was really disturbing for them to feel comfortable enough to come inside and do all of that.”


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