Nick Cannon said Sunday that several big-name comedians have performed in blackface. He was then called a hypocrite for donning "whiteface" in 2014, but he explained why the concept does not exist.

"America, There is NO such thing as “WhiteFace” just like there is no such thing as “Reverse Racism," Cannon wrote on Instagram under an old photo of himself dressed up as a White guy to promote his album, White People Party Music.

"BlackFace and Racism are rooted in and are byproducts of the Institutionalized Oppression of a subjugated people," the Wild 'N Out creator added.

He explained the history of blackface. "The racist and severely damaging 'Jim Crow laws' received its name from the BLackface minstrel movement of the 19th century and proceeds to cause pain to this day. A constant reminder that People of color are looked at as second class citizens in this country."

Cannon said it wasn't a "tit-for-tat" argument because the only thing that comes up when you search for the meaning of whiteface is a ski resort in New York.

"These recent revealings of people painting themselves black or brown and speaking in broken slang in an attempt to be humorous or have fun; as if our culture is some sort of party trick or costume is unacceptable," Cannon said.

"Racism is when an “elite” group uses its systemic power to enforce harm, hardship, and pain on others," he said in conclusion. "If you don’t understand this, then it probably means you are or benefit from that elite group of privileged oppressors that we speak of."