I’ve never really been into politics because I honestly feel like lying and false promises come with the territory, and I’m just too real for that. And while other presidents have come and gone, this last inauguration just felt like well …a damn breakup.

It will be almost be a year since Donald Trump was elected as the nation’s 45th president and my gawd …things have been awful. Not only has he amplified the voices of white supremacists, dismantled gains made for minorities during the Obama administration (have you heard of Obamacare in recent months?) and allowed sexism to rear its ugly head, but he’s damn near about to go to war with North Korea.


And look at our former president and first lady. They are just radiant. It appears that after he left office in January, that Obama has “moved on” and never looked back. Who can blame him? America’s relationship with then-President Obama came with its emotional wounds. He was accused of not being born in the United States, not doing enough for minorities and even being a spy. So hell, no wonder he’s looking fabulous, still actively engaging in social justice initiatives and smiling from ear-to-ear when we spot him.

He’s found love again.

Obama is better without us and we just aren’t better without him.

If I’m being frank, he’s the “one that got away,” and we may or may not feel this way if we weren’t stuck with Trump for the next four years. But my gawd, will it ever get any better? Having Trump as president feels like an abusive relationship.

Melania Trump is like a walking robot. We cannot tell if she’s happy to see us or her husband. And Trump, lawd, this dude verbally abuses us to no end, while praising racist white nationalists by referring to them as “some very fine citizens.”

It’s heart-breaking.

In 2020, we have the chance to find a new love, so to speak. Let’s not waste it by trying to get that old thing back (Trump).