I don’t buy into the notion that Black people are magically more homophobic than any other sect of the population. I also refuse to believe that President Obama’s support within the Black community will fall to the wayside majorly over his declaration that he personally supports marriage equality. Yet, I’d be remiss not to acknowledge that there are a number of Blacks who do take issue with the idea of Matt Kemp and I getting married (shut up and let me indulge in my delusional dreams).

I heard it the other day on the streets of Harlem. One seemingly frazzled graying Black man trying to rationalize Obama’s choice of words to those near him. “It’s not like he said he’s about to make it so, he was just saying.” Blah, blah, blah.

And yesterday, after posting a link to one of my Obama-saluting articles about his support of same sex marriage, I saw this comment from someone I went to high school with: “Who do I give my vote to [now]? I’ll just give it to Christ!”

In response, I quipped: “I’m sure Republicans, known as Satan’s henchmen in select circles, appreciate that.”

I’m hopeful that most Blacks will see their choices and realize that there’s only one that has any potential benefit to them and the needs of their community. Still, there will be a few who will be less enthused to support President Obama in his bid for reelection – and in an election with so much at stake that few is far too many.

President Obama was kind enough in his now historic interview with Robin Roberts of Good Morning America to say he supports opposition to gay marriage as it pertains to their religious beliefs. Thankfully, I’m not in the position in which political correctness is always a constant. I don’t have any respect for a person of color who appropriates the tactics of their oppressors to strip another minority group of their civil rights.

I could speak on that from the perspective of Biblical literalists of convenience and their hypocrisy, or even the patriarchal bias of the Bible and all of the double standards that entails, but frankly, it doesn’t really make much of a difference. Why? In the end, the issue of same sex marriage is a matter related to the state, not a church, synagogue, mosque, or garage where your cult congregates.

Not a single person legitimately working towards marriage equality has asked any religious institution to damn their dogma and allow Matt and I (again, shut up…a man can dream) to be married inside their places of worship. Not a one. It’s as selfish as it disgusting for anyone to project their religious views and way of life onto nonbelievers (or fellow believers with a difference of opinion and context) in a country presumably found on values completely antithetical that.

Freedom begets right to choice, which means I should be able to love freely and have whatever union I decide to enter with state recognition (and subsequent rights) – like your cousins shacking up or any of your lovechildren. You know, which none of these religious folks are protesting en masse. Worse, Black people, don’t we have bigger catfish to fry? Grab your cornmeal. Get a clue already.

Are you not a witness to the growing economic inequality? Do you not understand how much more it will spread under a President Privileged CEO? Have you learned nothing from the lower middle class and poor whites that suffered after reelecting George W. Bush and voting on state-wide bans of gay marriage? Aren’t you aware that rich-poor gap would vex Jesus more than anything, especially since it’s a Republican trademark to frame arguments about their true religion – capitalism – under the guise of promoting Christian values?

Do you not see your children suffering under our archaic education policies? Why aren’t you sending your vitriol to the GOP, who wants to make it all the more expensive to cover the costs of Stafford loans Blacks are disproportionally subjected to?

I could go on about health care, prison rates, STD rates, and on and on, but I guess to some it’s all about “those homos trying to get married!” Single-issue voting has consequences.

I have faith in my people, but some of you have allowed your faith – or at least, some distorted perception of it – to sway you. You are being toyed with, and come November, if you allow that to happened you deserve every single thing you get starting January 20, 2013.