Despite having millions in the bank, Oprah Winfrey continues to hustle her heart out.

The veteran talk show host is getting back to her hard news roots, making her debut as a 60 Minutes correspondent September 24th.

Oprah’s first segment will be featured during the show’s 50th season premiere, according to Variety.

CBS announced in January that the network owner would join the respected news magazine series. She joins the show, coincidentally, following the death of one of their most engaging interviewers, Morley Safer, who retired just days before passing away.

Winfrey collaborating with CBS shouldn’t come as a total surprise, as she has a strong relationship with the network. The company purchased King World Productions, the syndicated-TV powerhouse that launched Winfrey’s talk show, back in 1999.

Today, she remains an executive producer of the CBS syndicated talk show, Dr. Phil.

60 Minutes’ 50th anniversary will also be honored by The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences on October 5th in New York with a special tribute. CBS-owned Simon & Schuster will also publish 50 Years of 60 Minutes, a new book by the show’s executive producer, Jeff Fager, on October 24, timed to the accompany the anniversary.

Will you be tuned in September 24th for Oprah’s first 60 Minutes segment?