A professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio was suspended after she called campus police on a Black female student who had her feet up on a chair in class, BuzzFeed News reports. The school’s president sent an email to faculty members and students confirming that not only was the professor suspended, but two investigations were also underway.

A video was posted on Twitter by @ApurvaYRawal on Monday showing campus police removing the student. “So this happened today in class, a girl had her feet up and the professor called the police after calling our class uncivil,” he wrote.


The university did not officially identify the student or the professor, but according to BuzzFeed News, students identified the instructor as Anita Moss, who taught biology.

The student who posted the video said the professor was vocal about how “uncivil” the class was during a previous lecture.

“The class before this professor went on a whole tirade about how uncivil we all were because a few students were on their phone or not paying attention, cutting lecture time for the rest of us because her ego was bruised,” @ApurvaYRawal wrote.


“As upset as I am that my professor decided to throw a temper tantrum the lecture before an exam and cancel class, I’m even more outraged that she would decide to single out and humiliate a student just to flex her authority in a destructive manner,” he continued.


Twitter user @FavoritePaigeee, who identified herself as the student who was removed, said she did not violate the student code of conduct.

“This is me in Anita Moss’ 2053 Bio classroom. Upon entering class I was told I needed to leave or would be escorted out by officers, I never disobeyed the student code of conduct. Not once. A police report is being filed [at the moment], this is just the beginning. Thanks for your support!”