Last night’s episode of Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood was all about the ladies staking claim to what’s rightfully theirs. Some were successful, others left in tears, but hey—at least they tried. 

Following a confrontational exit from Teairra Mari’s apartment, Hazel invites Yung Berg to her brand new pad. Shots of Cîroc and convo start things off, but it doesn’t take long before things get hot and steamy. What starts off as a vent session about Teairra Mari turns into drunken love-making. Before you know it, the two wake up in the morning and Hazel is once again confused about where the two stand in their relationship.

Hazel asks Yung Berg the dreaded “what are we?” question, and as one would expect, she wasn’t exactly thrilled with his reply. Content with the way things were, Yung Berg tells Hazel he wants to continue to see other people and just remain friends with benefits. He makes the mistake of mentioning an appearance at the upcoming ASCAP Awards, but makes it very clear he doesn’t want to walk the red carpet with Hazel. In fact, he doesn’t even want her there.

Does Hazel listen? Not at all! (Naturally.) Needless to say, when she shows up at the ASCAP Awards to find Yung Berg with a female companion, she’s livid. Tensions fly when Berg provokes Hazel by giving his female friend a kiss on the cheek, further proving he could care less about her feelings. That doesn’t sit well with Hazel, who throws a drink at the rapper and storms off. 

Nikki Mudarris is determined to lock down Mally Mall, but one thing is standing in her way: Masika. In an attempt to open up a line of communication between the feuding girlfriends of Mall, Morgan invites Nikki and Masika over for drinks and a relaxing massage. As it happens, Masika and Nikki have a lot in common. Each believes she is Mally Mall’s girlfriend, and they both hate each other upon meeting one another. It only takes seconds before they begin slinging insults and throwing drinks. Masika makes reference to Nikki’s multiple plastic surgeries, and Nikki calls Masika “charity work.” Expecting these two to be one big happy family is a long shot. 

Omarion invites his mom to Apryl’s baby shower, and she has an attitude upon arrival. She immediately picks a battle, implying Apryl isn’t ready to be a mother. (Keep in mind, this is right in the middle of Apryl’s baby shower.) An embarrassed Omarion tries his best to defuse the situation, but Apryl feels that Omarion could have defended her better. Apryl handles it well, walking away from the impending battle before things get way too ugly. 

Next week’s episode of Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood picks up right where we leave off, with Omarion and Apryl’s “mama drama,” as well as Morgan and Nikki’s falling out. Catch it all every Monday at 8/7c, only on VH1!

Stephanie Ogbogu is a freelance writer who has been featured on ESPN, Anderson Cooper, USA Today, The New York Post, Huffington Post Live and more. Follow her at @eleven8 on Instagram and Twitter.