The Chicago police detective who fatally shot 22-year-old Rekia Boyd after firing into a crowd while off-duty in 2012 has resigned.

Dante Servin’s resignation Tuesday came two days before an evidentiary hearing before the Chicago Police Board, DNAInfo reports. Any charges against Servin will now be dropped.

He worked for the department for 24 years.

Servin’s resignation comes roughly a year after he was acquitted of all charges connected to Boyd’s death. Boyd was shot in the head by Servin while socializing with friends and family near Douglas Park four years ago.

His decision makes him eligible to collect his pension and any other outstanding benefits he stood to lose if fired. His continued employment with the department drew complaints from several activists and family members of Boyd in the city, who claimed that justice wasn’t being served.

Boyd’s brother, Martinez Sutton, said he wasn’t sure what justice was anymore.

“[The killing] destroyed a family. Rekia was light,” he said. “I don’t know how if affects [Servin], but he has to live with that. He has to live with it on his conscience.”