Sergio Hudson recently unveiled his latest collection during NYFW 2023. Collection 12 showcases a captivating blend of dark hues, intricate embroidered mesh, and sleek silhouettes. The famed Black designer explores a color palette that gravitates towards black, yet incorporates vibrant turquoise, orange, and yellow pops.

The inspiration behind Collection 12 stems from images of Tina Turner at the airport during the 1970s. Hudson was drawn to Turner's clean and sharp aesthetic, which motivated him to offer a similar style to his clients. The "Proud Mary" singer's iconic looks always conveyed a sense of confidence and self-presentation, regardless of her destination. The clothing designer aimed to capture this essence, stating that Turner often said, "This is the full Tina Turner effect, this is how I'm presenting myself to the world no matter where I'm going."

The new launch features a range of garments, including suiting, flowy chiffon dresses, and pussy bow blouses—all adorned with shades like chocolate brown, army green, and Merlot. Notably, the brand introduces new techniques such as unique pencil skirts and pleated maxi skirts, offering a fresh take on their designs.

Overall, Sergio Hudson and Collection 12 showcases a sophisticated fusion of dark tones, intricate details, and refined silhouettes. Drawing inspiration from Tina Turner's timeless style, the line exudes confidence and offers a distinct aesthetic for fashion-forward individuals.