Shad ‘Bow Wow’ Moss has been very open lately when it comes to discussing his mental state and frustrations with the industry and fans alike, believing many take him for a joke. The rapper has even revealed in various interviews that he’s previously had suicidal thoughts.

Today, the MC is looking toward a brighter future, naming his upcoming album EDICIUS, which is ‘suicide’ backwards.

“Decided to name my album “EDICIUS” its SUICIDE backwards… the meaning means … To bring yourself back from something,” the “Shawty Like Mine” artist revealed via Twitter. “The name represents relentlessness, coming back for more even after death. Left the old me and woke up a NEW ME.”

The Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta star has spoken of suicide on at least three other occasions, posting on Twitter in 2010, “I swear i be wishing i was dead sometimes. Because i feel like that’s the only way ill get peace.”

In 2016, Moss discussed his darkest moments on VladTV, saying he felt lowest following the release of 2003’s Unleashed.

“I was in a dark space. Right around the third album, that’s when I was just done.”

Just last month, the Ohio native posted a series and tweets and Instagram posts addressing his depression as well.

“Sometimes i REALLY wish i never existed… i can never do SH*T RIGHT EVEN WHEN IM DOING RIGHT! Im better off .”