On Friday, June 4th Chicago stylists, collectors, curators, bloggers and fashion fans gathered to get a 1st look at the Ebony Fashion Fair vault that has been opened for the auction taking place on June 10th. Champagne flowed and hearts swooned as shoppers previewed rack after rack of vintage couture. Everyone can get in on the fun. The preview runs through Tuesday, June 9th at 5pm at Leslie Hindman Auctioneers and online at lesliehindman.com through the auction. On June 10th, bidding takes place onsite, online and by phone. There’s still time to register. Phone, absentee and online registration can be submitted up to two hour before start time. Happy shopping!

5 Tips for Shopping the EFF Collection:

1. Preview the collection at Leslie Hindman Auctioneers in person or online at lesliehindman.com.

2. Decide how you would like to bid: in person, via phone, online or absentee, and register ASAP. Register here.

3. Establish if you are going for wearable or show-stopping pieces, and understand vintage and European sizing.

4. There are over 568 items on sale; you need a strategy! Create two lists: “Must Haves” and “Plan B.” There is a good chance your “Must Haves” are on someone else’s list. Have a few backups.

5. To avoid getting carried away, set an overall budget and don’t forget about buyer’s premium—the additional 25-26% of the hammer price you will pay.