With the cold weather and holiday season here, we are more inclined to couple up and take part in what is known as “cuffing season.”

And just in time for the season, Plenty of Fish conducted a survey asking singles across the country to detail their experiences with dating over the holidays, according to a press release sent to EBONY.

Researchers polled more than 2,000 singles and discovered some interesting trends regarding how dating impacts singles this season.

Some of the results are as follows:

  • Singles would rather talk 2016 election and politics than their dating life this holiday season.
  • Nearly 45 percent of singles are looking to do one thing: cozy up with someone this holiday season.
  • 74 percent of singles conceded to feeling lonely over the holiday months.


In fact, the single most dreadful topic of holiday conversation for singles is their love and dating life! Twenty-eight percent of singles dread it, while only 24 percent of singles aren’t looking forward to election talk. Nineteen percent reported being unbothered by chatter regarding their New Year’s resolutions.

In reference to cuffing season, roughly 45 percent of singles would like a romantic companion this holiday season. In addition to feeling more pressure to having a mate during the winter season, 43 percent responded by saying, “It’s winter, and I want someone to cozy up with.”

Seventy-four percent of singles reported feeling lonely over the holiday months, according to the survey.