Have you ever been so busy throughout the day that you forget to drink enough water? As a result, you're left feeling sluggish with low-energy and suffer from persistent headaches. The waterdrop® Hydration app was created to get you back on track and permanently end your dry spell. The innovative brand was developed to encourage people to sip more H20, no matter how hectic their day is, and develop water intake as a habit for its many wellness benefits including living a healthier, longer and more sustainable life. In fact, studies show that drinking more water daily can improve your skin, flush out waste, and even improve your mood.

The technology lies in the water bottle lid, called the the LUCY® Smart Cap. Thanks to a special sensor, cap records your water consumption and automatically stores it for you in the waterdrop® Hydration App and challenges you to meet your daily hydration targets. The cap screws on to the brand's sustainable, glass bottles that are customized with fun arts and prints to match your mood.

Additionally, the Waterdrop app includes personalized features to identify exactly how much water your body requires, since everyone has different needs. It also supports habit-building to improve your motivation, make drinking water a second-nature instinct; while being customized to your body and personalized health goals. 

Image: courtesy of Waterdrop