On Wednesday, three San Jose State University freshmen were suspended and charged with hate crimes for their mistreatment of a Black roommate.

Colin Warren, Joseph Bomgardner, and Logan Beaschler have not yet been arrested because campus police are waiting for them to surrender. According to the unnamed Black roommate, Warren, Bomgardner, and Beaschler began the school year in August by referring their roommate as "Three-fifths." When he asked them to stop, they began calling him "Fraction."

They also:

Outfitted the shared dorm room suite with a Confederate flag

Barricaded the claustrophobic student in his room

Wrote "nigger" on a dry-erase board in the living room

Put a U-shaped bike lock around his neck and then told him they lost the key

Tried the bike lock trick again a few weeks later

Put up Nazi symbols and pictures of Hitler in the dorm

Drew pictures of pentagrams to alarm the Christian student