7 Ways to Wear Sneakers to Grown Up Events

7 Ways to Wear Sneakers to Grown Up Events

Show up in your kicks looking flyer than the guy in the smooth hardbottoms

As youngsters, sneakers were pretty much the most important factor when it came to having a fresh look. The sneaker often led the way we to how we crafted our look; everything began from ground up. But then, as we got older, started careers, switched over from dive bars to after work networking events and even started attended weddings, the sneaker took a few back seats to the brogues, boots and boat shoes. Our footwear got a little upgrade; our style a slight revamp. But we men all know that no matter how sharp we look in hardbottoms stepping into the office, there is nothing better than the moment you open up the box to a fresh pair of kicks.

Here's to the fellas who will never, ever kick their sneaker habit: 7 ways to wear them and still look like a grown ass man.

-Chris Law

Chris Law is a fashion pundit, stylist and contributor to the Details Network, Nylon Guys and EBONY.com. Follow him on Twitter @freshchrisLaw and Instagram. @FresherThanChris.

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