[ON TREND] 9 Swagged Out Sweatshirts for Fall

[ON TREND] 9 Swagged Out Sweatshirts for Fall

Stay warm, and look fresh in these over the top comfy sweaters that will guarantee double takes

by #teamEBONY, October 22, 2013


We’re not sure what’s happened recently, but this wardrobe staple has gotten an extreme style upgrade. Going from comfy lounge wear to chic wear, all of a sudden sweatshirts (and even sweatpants) are transforming into affordable luxe wear.

The "new sweatshirt" isn't exactly the same one you’d wear to the gym or clean the house in. They feature feminine embellishments, cool prints and graphics typically reserved for the less than comfy apparel. 

Paired with a pencil skirt or layered over a pretty blouse, the sweatshirt is now the go-to trend for fall.

Here are 9 sweatshirts we recommend you ladies to try, all under $50.

-Kela Walker 

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