So, I’m not tall, and I’m not thin… but this line is fly. I have plenty of friends who are tall and slim and complain (just as much as us curvy girls do) about finding pieces that are fitting and sexy. So to all the tall and slender ladies, here’s to you (girls with curves, don't fret…she has sizes for you too!)

Let me know if you all fall in love with this line, created by Irene Agbontaen, just as much as I did. 

Check out her site, or hit up BARNEY'S NYC or BARNEY'S BEVERLY HILLS to pick out some of your favorite looks and tell us what you think!  

—Melanie Yvette

Melanie Yvette is the Associate Beauty and Style Editor for and the girl behind #BeautifullyBrown. Follow her on Instagram @MelanieYvette! 

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