The Buccaneers team is working with the city of Tampa to start a program for the footballers to lead the charge against social justice issues within the community, according to Sports Illustrated.  On Monday, Darcie Glazer Kassewitz, owner and president of the Buccaneers Foundation, announced the year-round initiative.

“This past year we spent time meeting with the players and listened to their thoughts how to drive social change in our community,” Kassewitz said. “Four important areas that players felt needed the most help kept coming up. They were: police relations, criminal justice reform, racial equality and youth empowerment.”

Defensive lineman Gerald McCoy discussed the meetings saying, “We all were able to voice our opinions and give different backgrounds, where we’ve come from, things we’ve seen. And they heard us but not only did they hear us, but they put their money where their mouth was.”

One million dollars was donated to the Buccaneers Foundation Social Justice Fund by the Kassewitz family. Players were given the ability to match funds for the social justice issues they are interested in it.

McCoy is a leader of the team’s social justice board alongside wide receiver DeSean Jackson and offensive linemen Donovan Smith and Ali Marpet.

“Throughout the season and into next year, the players will visit Tampa Bay organizations who are committed to addressing social justice issues with the goal of making a meaningful difference in our community,” Kassewitz said.

McCoy also said the program is essential for the players because they are the change and the role models the community needs. His sentiments mirrored those of former NFL’er Colin Kaepernick who began his protest during the national anthem to bring awareness to the same issues the Buccaneers called to attention.