Taraji P. Henson finally confirmed what fans have suspected for years — that she is a happily taken woman!

The 47-year-old Hidden Figures and Empire actress has been rumored to be dating former NFL star Kelvin Hayden, 34,  for the past two years. However, during a recent interview, Henson confirmed that it’s not a rumor, but the real thing!

“It was all over The Shade Room [blog] anyway. You know, I’m not the type to blast my personal business, but you know, I think that it’s important for people to know that I’m happy. I’m very, very happy. I just am. We’ve been together for two years. And no one would really know that because I don’t blast my info like that but I’m very happy.”

“I don’t really put a lot on what I do because, you know, people love you when you’re in the limelight. But what happens when the lights go off. So, those people care about me no matter what, and those are the people I keep close to me. So, I never buy into the hype. They love you when you hot, and they love you when you not, you know? So, I never buy into that fake love. I got so much real love around me that I’m not confused.”


Congrats to Taraji!