Founder of the #MeToo movement against sexual assault Tarana Burke will be writing a memoir. Simon & Schuster brand 37 Ink made the announcement last Friday.

In a statement obtained by the, Burke gave a glimpse into what readers can expect from Here the Light Enters: The Founding of the ‘Me Too.’ Movement:

Using my story as a backdrop, Where the Light Enters: The Founding of the ‘Me Too.’ Movement, will explore what ‘survival’ really looks like by taking the reader through my ordinary, extraordinary journey from victim to survivor to thriver; while providing an understanding of why something like the ‘me too.’ movement was not just necessary for my community but for the world. The book will also help readers understand the often overlooked historical connections of the role sexual violence plays in communities of color, specifically Black communities, even today, while exploring ways the same communities have been both complicit and resilient. More than anything, this memoir will provide survivors across the spectrum of sexual abuse a roadmap for healing that helps them understand that the ‘me too.’ movement is more about triumph than trauma and that our wounds, though they may never fully heal, can also be the key to our survival.

Burke’s book is expected to be released in 2019.