In theaters this fall, ‘Til Death Do Us Part is a psychological thriller with domestic violence at the center. Starring Annie Ilonzeh, Taye Diggs, Stephen C. Bishop, Malik Yoba and Robinne Lee, the film follows Madison Roland (Ilonzeh) a woman desperate to escape the clutches of her abusive husband (Bishop). With the aid of her best friend, (Lee) Madison escapes. However, a new identity and a new man (Diggs) doesn’t necessarily mean Madison’s nightmare is over. Watch the trailer below.

Recently, we chatted with Ilonzeh about the film and how she prepared for its difficult scenes. “You have to tell that story as genuine and authentic as possible. And to me, a woman basically imprisoned in her own home because of her husband that she took vows with, and then experiencing abuse and violence on all different levels is something not to take lightly. You don’t fabricate that in any way, you live it,” she said. “I almost thought it was just too much to tackle. But after talking it over in coaching we figured it out and it was a whirlwind. Stephen and I, we had a lot of scenes together, and that man went through hell right along with me.”

Helmed by Christopher B. Stokes with a screenplay by Marques Houston, ‘Til Death Do Us Part premieres Sept. 29, just in time for Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October. 

If you or someone you know needs assistance reach out to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, which recently engaged in its 4 millionth conversation with victims and survivors of domestic violence, by calling 1-800-799-SAFE, or visiting