Days until the election: 25

  • President Obama fesses up to the fact that he bombed in the first debate, “I was just too polite,” he says and promises to go harder in the next debate.  The president also wants worried supporters to know, “I got this.”
  • Post-debate polling had many Democrats worried, as did news at the beginning of the week that Romney was making a comeback nationally. However, the NBC/Marist poll released Wednesday night shows the president maintaining leads in the critical states of Ohio and Florida.
  • Massachusetts Senate candidates Senator Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren duked it out in yet another important debate in one of the most closely watched races.
  • The highly anticipated vice presidential debate last night may or may not slow Romney’s bounce in the polls as we head into the last few weeks of the campaign.
  • Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill released a powerful new set of campaign ads with rape survivors talking directly to the camera criticizing her opponent Rep. Todd Akin for his extreme anti-choice positions.  Akin is the genius who claimed that in cases of “legitimate rape,” a woman’s body shuts it all down to make sure she isn’t impregnated,thus it is just fine to have complete prohibition on abortion.
  • Republican State Representative Roger Rivard says, “some girls rape easy.”  Rivard was recently endorsed by fellow Wisconsin lawmaker vice presidential nominee Congressman Paul Ryan.