Touré Roberts is an international thought leader, pastor and found of Los Angeles' The Potter's House at One, "a diverse community of individuals and families who've embarked upon the exciting journey of becoming and accomplishing all that God has created us for."

The contemporary church leader's reach expands well beyond his audience. Here are three easy to follow for 2022.

  • Acknowledge what you want to improve about yourself, and then surround yourself with those who will help achieve it.
  • Maintain a healthy self-image while also focusing on a healthy perspective toward other people.
  • Rid yourself of insecurity through renovation of the mind.

These tips are simple and to-the-point but solid. For more from the thought leader, check out his new book Balance: Positioning Yourself to Do All Things Well (available for pre-order) or his 2018 tome Wholeness: Winning in Life from the Inside OutIn it, the pastor and thougt leader details how to achieve a fulfilling life via his own experiences. He also talks about the necessity of wholeness and how to achieve it.

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