Tyler Perry has proven he can make crowds show up and show out at the box office, which likely led to industry-wide rumors that he may be working on a collaborative film project between powerhouse studios, DC and Marvel.

Many fans of the comic book-based production companies thought Perry to be an odd choice, considering his penchant for family dramas and down-home comedies.

Clearly, the 48-year-old knew he wouldn’t be the best fit either, turning down an offer when approached to take the helm of the next big superhero blockbuster, according to an interview with Screen Rant.

“I’ve had a couple conversations, but I would always say, ‘I’m not the guy to do this’. I’m not the guy that can bring this vision to life cause it takes such a village to pull it together, and I’m not a guy that can work with fifty other directors and producers telling you what to do, how to do it, when to do it,” Perry admitted.

“That doesn’t work for me. I saw that in a couple of the sci-fi movies that I’ve been a part of and I think, ‘Uhh, I’m not doing that.’”

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