The pain in her voice is enough to make  tears stream down your cheek.  V Bozeman’s emotionally charged  single, “Dear Officer” brings further attention to the hurt swelling within the Black community due to the unjust police-involved fatal shootings of Black men.

“Our blood on your hands means nothing to you… will you let our brothers live today?,” she sings allowing the lyrics to paint the picture of what’s happening in society while questioning when this will come to an end.

Padding the vocal letter with a speech by Malcolm X provides a chilling weight to the music. X’s words are poignant and reflect deeply, the reality of many yesterday’s and today.

V isn’t alone on the Rodney Jerkins, Jr.-produced track, rap artist Young Lyfe delivers a retrospective verse with reference to the message and intent of activists such as Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X. He also  confronts law enforcement with their treatment.

“It seems like death is the only thing you offer us, and we ain’t seen peace since Martin marched with us. I wonder how Coretta feel…”