Not many people have as many job titles as Vashtie Kola. She’s a filmmaker, designer, DJ, model and brand ambassador. And she’s never just tackling one gig at a time. This boss lady is constantly on the move, spearheading several different projects at once.

She’s something like a jack-of-all-trades.

Whether writing the treatment for a music video, spinning the turntables at a banging party or helping some of the top businesses, such as Puma and G-Shock, refine their brand, the superstar is a pretty big deal.

Why else would Q-Tip have called on her to co-host a series of parties dedicated to the 80s and 90s, and why else would Nike Air Jordan have tapped her as the first woman to design a shoe?

She’s a force, and her latest endeavor only magnifies her awesomeness. It’s a beauty vlog titled At Home with Vashtie, a four-week YouTube series where the vegan dishes out her best health and beauty pointers.

“I didn’t get really interested in beauty until recently,” the 34-year-old admits. “Until then, I was a tomboy. I used bar soap on my face. I didn’t think much about moisturizing. Over the years, it came full circle. I’ve been thinking about everything from animals to diets to health and now to beauty. I’ve realized it all works together.”

With two videos out already – one on skincare and the other on vitamins – the business woman is excited to give folks a “short cut” to finding some of the best products around.

While you have to check out her vlog to learn about all of her must-know wellness tips, Kola shared a few exclusive ones with Get into it below.

1. Start with one healthy habit at a time to obtain an improved lifestyle.

“Anyone can alter their routine. It’s actually easier than we make it out to be. We tend to create these boundaries in our brain, but anything is possible. First, start with really wanting the change. Then, try one healthy habit. That’s a great way to begin. It’s about trial and error. You can make mistakes while you figure it out.”

Beauty Essential: “Try being vegetarian until 4pm or having a meatless Monday, a day where you don’t eat any meat.”

2. Wear confidence.

“At the end of the day, there are a bazillion beautiful girls walking around. For me, what sets them a part from one another is confidence. I’m not necessarily interested in perfection or the classic mode of what beauty is or what we’ve been told it is. I think it’s so beautiful to see people who are confident. I usually take second looks at people who are.”

Beauty Essential: “Have fun with your wardrobe. Allow your style to evolve. Remember, beauty is from the inside out.”

3. Check the labels.

“I’m attracted to holistic, natural products that haven't been tested on animals. Whatever products you put on your skin should be healthy, because those contents are absorbed into your body. Read the ingredients. There are a lot of really crazy chemicals out there.”

Beauty Essential: “I use Simply Divine Botanicals Gypsy Rose Tea as a toner. It has Bulgarian rose water, raw apple, cider vinegar, witch hazel and rose pedals.”