Model, actress and TV personality, Cynthia Bailey knows leisure. She invited EBONY’s Beautiful Black Homes to tour her very discreet, yet grand sanctuary.  

With a deep exhale, I calmly strolled into Bailey’s lovely abode. The former fashion model has created a space in which whatever whimsical load you may carry must be left on the porch because it’s just too easy to be there—you immediately feel uplifted.  

Cynthia Bailey

Upon entry, as much as you want to take a closer look at the eccentric pieces that greet you at the foyer, including walls shrouded in a blend of unique crosses, your eyes are drawn to the sunlight that warms the back of her home. The vast horizontal windows with sliding patio doors provide a stunning view of the much-known, self-titled moniker “Lake Bailey.”  


Cynthia’s kitchen is conveniently adjacent to the living room, making it the ultimate kickback space for hosting friends with a laid-back evening and a good, hassle-free meal. “My favorite space is the living room [and it] is literally where I live my life. My couch is where I socialize with family and friends; it is where I hang out for date night. It all goes down on the blue couch…my sofa was intentional.” 

colorful centerpiece on kitchen counter


Speaking of intention, the living room is carved out for comfort and serves as the perfect place to spend quality time and share gifts for the holidays, “Christmas is the only time of year that I’m for sure in one place for at least two weeks at a time.” When asked about her creative direction, Bailey said, “I think my influence for my design is a little like my life... all over the place, like a charcuterie board of all things Cynthia. I wanted it to be a reflection of me and my travels and my world. I’ve never had an interior designer come in and put anything together. This is strictly a collection of pieces that I've had for years. I love to reinvent pieces; I don’t really throw them away unless it’s just time.” 


Just in time for the holiday season, the actress recalled how she is often gifted with art by supporters. And she's found the perfect space for it. “My bathroom is special. I’ve made it a ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Black Excellence’ bathroom. I have a lot of art from Black artists, and they're all gifts from fans. I was given so many at one point, I started a collage of all these amazing [pieces] and incorporating some of my own from other people.” Bailey also has a couple of pieces she painted years ago while living in New York City as a model.” 

two paintings displayed on wall


“My kitchen is also the spot where I hang out a lot with guests when we’re cooking and sharing a meal and my dining room, I would describe as my special occasion room,” Bailey declared. “I rarely eat dinner there unless it’s something like Christmas.” The TV personality conveniently takes advantage of ordering any last-minute items if needed while she hosts, so as not to take away any one-on-one time with loved ones.  


Cynthia’s deck is an expansive oasis, featuring that glorious lake. “My deck is my peaceful meditative place. I have a view of the Lake, hence Lake Bailey. The trees and nature, it’s just my favorite place to decompress and reset and reboot.”  

Dining table set up outdoors

Cynthia’s home was a breath of fresh air. Her class and elegance, which are generously displayed onscreen, translate directly into her home life.