There are some things that happen in the news that simple defy words and all you can say is, “What The?!”

1/7 German Chancellor wears black face and sings with “blacked-up” children Read more at The Telegraph

1/7 Model Pebblez arrested in butt-injection homicide Read more at ABC 24 Memphis

1/7 Kid rap due “Tweenchronic” release music video for their [highly inappropriate] single “Skip Rope” Read more at BuzzFeed

1/8 Al Roker has an “accident” in the White House Read more at The Detroit Free Press

1/8 First “Gun Appreciation Day” scheduled days before Inauguration and a month after Sandy Hook Read more at BuzzFeed

1/9 South Carolina Restaurant Forces Employees to Wear Racially Insensitive Shirt Read more at Palmetto Public Record