A Florida woman who claims she was kicked by an off-duty police officer who caused her to go into early labor is just happy her newborn son is OK. The officer has since been arrested and fired.

WSVN reports Evoni Murray and her boyfriend, Joseph Predulus, were walking in South Beach when they encountered off-duty officer Ambar Pacheco and her sister. The police report indicates that an argument ensued, with the officer claiming Predulus kicked her sister in the face. He denies this accusation.

“I never did no kicking, nothing. I never touched nobody,” said the new father. “All I did was defend my baby mother and a child. To me, I don’t put my hands on women and that’s how it should be, especially a pregnant woman too.”

Pacheco responded by “beating the sh*t out of [Murray],” who was eight months pregnant and had a due date of August 4.

Predulus believes the officer was intoxicated at the time of the incident.

“As I was talking to the police, I realized they were drunk, so I guess the alcohol probably kicked in,” he said.

“The pain was really—it was shock,” Murray told WSVN. “I really didn’t have no understanding of anything. I just wanted to make sure my baby was safe … That’s something that’s always scary for a woman, to feel like your baby’s in danger because of a tragic situation. That’s a whole other traumatic level.”

Check out the report below.