CBS 11 originally reported about an incident involving a sheriff’s deputy in Kaufman, Texas and a teenage Black girl. During an arrest, the former was captured on video sitting on 18-year-old Nekia Trigg, and has raised the ire of the community after similar events involving the police and Black people.

Identified as Officer Conner Martin, the Tuesday July 27 situation in Forney’s Deerfield Heights neighborhood, has only resulted in the officer being placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

“There’s a lady—a young lady —African American lady—that is walking in the middle of the street,” one caller reportedly said, instigating the occurrence between Trigg and the police. Another added, “She’s thrown herself out on the road—looks like a possible suicide.” While those claims are being disputed, the body camera footage finds the deputy approaching Trigg as she walks down the street. He asks if she’s OK, why she’s crying, and where she lives. Trigg tells the deputy she wants to go home and repeatedly tells him she doesn’t want him to hurt her. The deputy then grabs her arm and tells her she can’t walk off from him.

From there, it goes awry, as Deputy Martin pins Trigg squarely to the ground, mounting the teen by placing his full body weight on top of her. “You’re hurting me already,” Trigg can be heard saying in the video. “Sit down okay,” Deputy Martin responds, as he continues pinning Trigg’s wrists to the ground.

The family’s attorney, in a statement to NBC 5, attempted to contextualize the moment with crystalized detail. “This officer, who repeatedly stated that she was at harm, that she was trying to harm herself, and if this was in fact the case, and it wasn’t —let me make that clear—it wasn’t, but if it was, imagine as a parent your child calls you and says, ‘Mom, I’m in danger from an officer.’ Officers are here to serve and protect, and if he was doing his duty, if he thought that Nekia was trying to harm herself, throwing her to the ground and sitting on her chest was not the way to fix that.”

The Dallas Morning News cites that Trigg’s mother was also detained in the Kaufman County jail on charges of assault of a public servant and interference with public duties.

She was released on bond. 

Meanwhile, police took Trigg to a hospital for a mental health evaluation.