Aries [March 21st to April 19th]

#MeTime:  We definitely gotta loosen you up this month.  You start the month off way too somber and prim, for my tastes (or most likely anybody else’s taste for that matter.)  Get that sour patch face fixed and launch into something that makes you feel like the pioneer you are. It might be easier to do once Mars goes into Sagittarius on the 6th.

#Heartstrings: Save us from your mischief toward the middle of the month, although it’s better than seeing you with the “gas face” that you have on perpetual rotation during the first week.  It’s a good time to gear up for adventure with a sweetheart around Columbus Day. Or if you’re looking for a sweetie, it’s time to initiate your pursuit as the adventure!

#MoneyMoves: The end of the month I see you feeling both generous and very thirsty for learning something new, even just for kicks.  Be careful not to overdo it toward the end of the month as you could wear yourself out by going so hard…and a few others who might be foolhardy enough to attempt to keep up with you.

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