Aries (March 21st to April 19th)

Fortunately the good times continue rolling at the start of the week, especially with a brand spanking new “Fire” moon in Sagittarius. I think fire new moons are a good look for you, because they re-ignite your fires after you’ve been damp, usually after the Sun has travelled through a water sign, like it did with Scorpio. So it’s time to recharge and go large. Eventually. You may need to pull back a little toward the weekend because there are some celestial shenanigans happening with Mercury and then your planetary patron, Mars.  Although Mercury’s no longer retrograde, he’s tripping out with Neptune, the trippiest planet of them all, on Friday, so that could create some strange morphing with communication or travel plans. Mars goes into your opposite sign, for the next 8 months. This could prompt a little testiness on your part, especially with partners.   

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