Aries [March 21st to April 19th]

#MeTime:  This past weekend’s solar eclipse kicks off a time for you to deal with how well you “play” with others, especially as you communicate, learn, and get around. So don’t be surprised if you feel challenged over the next three months in those areas as a solar eclipse is usually like a shock to the system either to jolt you awake or disrupt a flow that has become too stale. In your case, since you’ve not had as much opportunity to be stale or sleep, it’s probably going to be the challenge of how to integrate new directions and people in your life with the more established ways you’ve operated.


#Heartstrings: This week’s tricky because you may misperceive the sensitivity around you, especially toward the top of the week. This solar eclipse also strikes Neptune like a tuning fork and everybody seems to be vibrating at a slightly higher frequency (read: more sensitive) than usual. Here’s the thing: it’s you who’s ringing like a bell, but you may be a little more reluctant to recognize that you’re more willing to initiate a conversation to which others react. What’s funny is that when they do (and they may react a little bigger than expected), you think they’re being touchy. FYI: you struck them as touchy first.  Keep that in mind and you’ll find a perspective that works.

#MoneyMoves: You got a delicate challenge this week, Aries, but I know you’re up for it. Last week, I said to simplify your methods and I still think that’s true. But now is also a time to push for the bigger picture too. I think the way to embrace both is to keep your methods simple, but broaden your scope of what you can accomplish. For instance, usually the difference between writing a term paper and a book is scope. You might have to alter your timetable, writing schedule and references used to make a book work, but you still have to write both one paragraph at a time.  Regardless of whatever actual projects you have in mind, you might want to think in “sections” first rather than chapters.