Aries [March 21st to April 19th]

#MeTime:  You might be slightly off your game this week.  You’ll feel mentally sharp and on cue, but your energy and verve may be slightly off, even hesitant.  So it might be best to avoid making big commitments or taking big actions now as the spirit may be willing but the flesh, indeed, could be weak. In fact, you might be holding in a lot of internal pressure unwittingly and need to relax and recoup more than you would be willing to do normally.  There’s no room at all this week for the taskmaster you’ve been, especially with yourself.


#Heartstrings:  You might want to exchange that “Hard Ass” I’ve been talking about for a hard hat.  With Mars in Libra, it’s a great time to collaborate with partners if you have a joint focus and shared sense of vision. Otherwise, if you’re used to having things go one way—yours—you’re going to have conflict.  You might feel the impulse to find some kind of compromise now, but let me encourage to look for a win-win solution that enables you and the other party to get what you want without either of you “losing.”  However, what’s less suitable is a “winner takes all” set of actions. They’re likely to backfire…in your face, especially if you initiate them.

#MoneyMoves: Diplomacy and statesmanship can be your saving graces this week, whether you’re officially in politics or not.  Stay more attentive to your ideas than your ego and you’re more than likely to get ahead this week.  Your ideas are pretty sharp now, perhaps having “stronger legs” to them than you’ve had for most of the year.  In fact, some of the ideas that you may have had in March are worth dusting off or you may find them easier to implement now.  You may also have a clearer idea of what things or people have been blocking your progress with particular projects and advancements. It doesn’t mean that you’ve found a sworn enemy, but someone you may have to watch closely and keep closer.