Cancer  (June 21st to July 21st)

A crab might move sideways, but it still moves. Once it starts moving, things better move out its way. This week you’re in motion, and you’re either ready to move toward people or away. Which way you’ll go mostly depends on whether people are ready to move with you. This applies to dating, business or even plans with friends or family. If they’re ready to “make moves,” you’re down. If not, you’ll be moving away. It’s mostly because you feel now is an important time to be clear what you want and to go get it. You may not have as much patience for people who can’t reason through the obvious. This is where I have to tap your shoulder to remember your compassion. You may be able to emotionally sift through your feelings about your desires, but some need to think about them. Have a little more patience & compassion.

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