Gemini  (May 21st to June 20th)

When some of us stopped believing in magic in the world and only in the stuff of movies and faerie tales, we may have stopped believing for the wrong reasons. It would be comparable to stopping to believe in science, because you bought 3 cellphones that all proved defective almost out of the box.  I’ve been talking about the woo-woo and “cosmically creative” with you for the last three weeks or so, and things are going to start coming to a head this week. I don’t mean everything manifests as you’ve wanted, like this is Star Trek and the world’s your replicator. The lunar eclipse taps into your well of desire and pleasure and illuminates the who and whats of what’s been blocking your intentions. It may take a little while to believe that truth, but as you do, you will see magic surface back into your life.

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