Gemini  [May 21st to June 20th]

#MeTime: Mercury retrogrades often seem to hit the children of Mercury, Geminis and Virgos, the hardest.  It’s often because y’all tend to lean on your planetary patron more than most.  It’s almost like Mercury retrogrades are like Mercury poisoning for you, showin’ how you might be OD’ing on it. The good news is that the poisoning is almost over, and it’s time to look over what you’ve learned.  It’s also a bonus that Venus, the social butterfly of planets, has shown up in your sign and she’s all jazzed up to get things snappin’ and shakin’.  Add some razzle and dazzle to your wardrobe, because spring is startin’ to get sprung!


#Heartstrings:  The top of the week is likely to start off kinda tense, with people working your temples even. But, fortunately, mid-week your spirit lifts and you can surf more of a springtime kind of tide with folks. Keep your eye on your expectations with folks because you might set the bar higher for yourself and them than all can muster now. That doesn’t mean you have to set it too low either. You’ll mellow out enough before the weekend, but I think it’ll be a good idea to hang with people who keep your spirits up with a good laugh.

#MoneyMoves: I hope you did all those “re” things I told you about last week, because I think some of those things begin to pay off now. Well, actually the better phrase would be another “re” word, rescue, as you would have succeeded in rescuing yourself from sinking into a “slough of despond.” Although it may seem like any and all efforts, whether recent or present, seem useless, they’re not. You’ll see better results after “hump” day, the first full day that Venus, the “sweet” planet, moseys into your sign and Mercury straightens his winged wig to stop retrograding.