Leo  [July 22nd to August 21st]

#MeTime: This week Venus will be the closest to Earth than she has been in 8 years. Star observers call this an inferior conjunction (with the Sun). I know that sounds mad prejudiced, but it means that it marks a time for you to recalibrate how you’re going to experience your power of attraction on the inferior or terrestrial plane. There’s no planet more powerfully “attractive” in the astrological solar system than your planetary patron, the Sun. However, with this transit of Venus, it’s a time for you to get clear on something: who and what you want to be around is where you want to go from here on.  It’s as if you’ve gotten (or will soon get) an exclusive guest pass into the club or group you want to be in and now you’re ready to figure out how to make your membership permanent.  In the interim, you’re coping with the folks “from before.” For now, get clear on where you want to go. We’ll talk another time about how to manage where you are and with whom.


#Heartstrings: You may have some trouble feeling like you can synch up your interests and pleasures with that of a group or even your love partner(s) this week. Folks may seem like they’re drawn to excitement and buzz and you’re looking now for higher ground. Yet you’re craving a change of pace and flow, but you don’t know quite what that looks like. Again, avoid the petty squabbles because you’re looking to embrace new vistas. The new vistas are coming, especially since this lunar eclipse will stimulate your sense of vision, but keep your frustrations to yourself or find space to pursue a whim if the social dynamic gets to be too much.

#MoneyMoves:  Surprisingly, what’s getting in the way of you getting to the next level of where you want to go is your own tastes and appetite. I’m not talking about the food you like, per se, but how you appreciate things in life.   This is not about money. In fact, money is the last consideration, though it is an important one. It’s been a rough several years, Leo, and it looks like you may have picked up a few bad habits that you’re being challenged to let go now. One of them is being so tight of heart and wallet that you’ve come to live life a little too cheaply.  You’re not being called to be a spendthrift, but to learn to recalculate the importance of your joy and real pleasure in your costs, not just the appearance of looking good or keeping up good appearances.  Extravagance is not necessarily excellence and being sparse is not a sign of being cheap. It’s cultivating the taste and wisdom to know when either is appropriate.  That starts in the heart.