Leo  [July 22nd to August 21st]

#MeTime: The full moon this year happens on a pagan holiday this year: Lammas or Lughnasadh. It’s time of play, consummation, and harvesting what you’ve been building up over the last two weeks and maybe slightly before.  So that requires you tapping into a fluid alertness that keeps you both flexible and on point, like how you might be when you’re on the dance floor and the music really has you in its groove. Hear the music that’s playing just for you now and roll with it.


#Heartstrings:  Having a full moon in your sign this week means that you’re full on. Just be sure that you’re keeping up with your shine management. You either have to reserve a good amount of shine for yourself, if you’re not getting it from the people in your life who matter. Or you got to be sure your shine doesn’t become your ego on “high beam” and blinding to folks.  In theatre, actors are trained to give focus, meaning that when you’re on stage, you actively give attention to who’s in the hot spot at the moment.  Yet in giving focus, you can give it in such a way that the audience doesn’t lose focus on you.  You could learn from that process, so all will be able to shine along with you this week.

#MoneyMoves: Your patron, the Sun, fresh from his hook-up with Mercury, strikes a harmony chord with ingenious Uranus at the top of the week. This bodes well for presentations or putting your best forward in familiar and new situations, like interviews, chairing meetings, or meet and greets.  You’re also more likely to discover a way to feel better about your financial situation, especially if you’ve had some worries in that area. Although it might take a week or so after Mercury goes direct next week to feel like things are definitely moving forward. But things are and will move forward!