Sagittarius (November 22nd to December 21st)

You’re feistier and ready to act on some of those clues and gut feelings you’ve had over the last week. That usually means that I feel pressed to dole out cautions that you either won’t heed or, for the more patient among you, you’ve already thought through. If you’re not among the latter, let me say this then. When you arrive at the truth, you’re more likely to shoot it off at somebody, not caring where it might land or how the other person might have to digest it.  This is usually counterproductive, but I get it: you don’t want to be bound up with figuring it out anymore once you’ve done so.  But taking the time to “show your work” about how you came to a truth builds bridges for mutual crossings.   One other benefit of feeling freer is that it allows you to give some much needed attention to your career & vocation game.

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